Monday, January 17, 2011

Tula left home!

I drove Tula to Fitchburg Mass Sunday to drop her off with Joyce my handler to start her show career! I am excited to see what she does in the show ring in the future. She is on the older side going on 3 years old on Feb 22nd but I'm guessing late is better than never right...? I loved going to see all the Frenchies at the show and meeting a bunch of new people. Some I just haven't put the face with the name yet and some I didn't know at all. Tula had a nice bath and got her nails done and face shaved just for this occasion. Her first show will be in Ct in February so Joyce has some time to work with her on her ring manners! I must say she does pretty well for a dog that has never really been ring trained much. My oldest son Alex did show her when she was a bit younger but kind of fell out of it in a few short trys. She is a very sweet ambitious girl and this is her first time being away from home so I'm hoping she behaves herself.