Saturday, June 4, 2011

Some new updates....

I know I haven't written on the blog in a while, I have some great news and some disheartening news. Lets start with the good, Daisy is confirmed pregnant and is due around June 13th! Give or take a few days.
 She is looking very large and I'm taking guesses for the number of puppies :-) I'm hoping she delivers on my birthday which is the 10th. What could be a better birthday present than beautiful newborn pug puppies!

Here is Daisy a very pregnant girl! You can't see it in the picture but she sticks way out on both sides.

Chaz and Daisy's Pups Pedigree

Now for the not so good news, Baby is going to be spayed Tuesday the 7th and will be available to a pet home after she has heeled. She ended up having a difficult heat cycle and prolapse uterine walls and despite going to the repo specialist she is not pregnant and needs to be spayed since further heats will be just as complicated.

Cleo is also going to be looking for a pet home after she is spayed in a few weeks. She is four years old and has yet to produce a litter so I feel its best to put her in a pet home since she is coming to a age of not breeding anymore. She is a wonderful girl that gets along with other dogs and is great with kids. She would make a family very happy! She loves to play and has alot of spunk!

If you are interested in a older Pug please email me so I can send you a application. Both these girls are wonderful pugs and would be great in a family with children.